033 – Heartbreaker

By Geo "GX" Xenn on Jun. 6, 2013

Sister, one of us got a heart of stone, and it ain′t me.

I love writing Tom comics. I once had a plan to make one of those “Ask” Tumblrs the kids is all about these days about Tom, and all the responses would be identical pictures of “him” sitting in a field, no text. Apparently at least two Tom Tumblrs already exist, but neither takes that route. It’s disappointing to see opportunity wasted.

He may be igneous, but he has a metamorphic side.

(A cliché parody, yes, but I’m going to credit Critical Miss for this one since it was the most direct inspiration. Tofu wanted me to tell you “Say Anything? I must confront the mad monk veiled with a yellow wrap as he patrols the ancient hollowed halls of the library temple far off into the dreamscapes, guarding the vast forbidden knowledge!” Yeeeeah. Don’t look at me, I’m just the messanger.)

Tofu took the art again this week. He was hoping to get some more pony practice in, so I made sure to annoy the heck out of him. That’s a socially acceptable way of showing appreciation, right? Annoyance?

You can check out his other stuff at his DeviantArt, and be sure to commission him so he can buy Dark Souls. I assume the game, though I wouldn’t put the literal past him.

If you haven’t already, I recommend MovieBob’s latest Big Picture video on SheZow. I never need an excuse to recommend The Big Picture, but this one may hit pretty close to home. It made me seriously consider finally ranting on my malice towards the word brony, a discussion I’ve been waiting to unleash since before the comic was conceived, but now is still not the time. I shall let it brew further.

There aren’t many MLP fan comics that are able to pry a good, hearty laugh from me, but I truly savored this one from not too long ago. Just goes to show the power of a strong visual gag.

And yeah, the Build-a-Bear ponies are kind of ugly in person too,

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