039 – Just a Typical Friday Night

By Geo "GX" Xenn on Jul. 20, 2013

She′s a Dream Warrior.

So here’s the thing: Tofu, one of our artists, is trying to raise funds for Bronycon. He’d love to get some commissions, so he’s offering alternate rates. But to sweeten the deal, Horse Power is offering a special addition to this: with any commission with Tofu, no matter how big or small, you will receive a wallpaper-sized copy of any (or all) of today’s comic panels! I’ll even facilitate requests for specific resolution sizes (widescreen, ipod, tablet, etc…)! You can check out the details of Tofu’s commission drive over at his DeviantArt.

Also worth noting, Episode 2 of the Horse Power Comicast is available now! Get it here, or from the sidebar, or via iTunes!

I had someone ask for a good way to contact or chat over on the Equestria Daily comments. The best ways are typically by leaving a comment on this site, or through Facebook, Twitter, or e-mail. However, I also have an IRC chat room set up for my other podcast, The Spindash. You’re certainly welcome to join in, so long as you follow the code of conduct. You can access it directly here.

I didn’t quite get the three artists I was expecting for this one, but Tofu has returned to completely produce the third panel, and sketched the second panel. You could consider this another response to the theme that’s practically a genre of Luna being in people’s dreams. Again, I typically try to make the Horse Power spin on the theme a bit off from the norm. Interestingly, the idea started with the third panel, and I came up with the other ideas after. Tofu pushed quite strongly for Little Nemo in the first panel, but I just felt more confident in Mario 2 as a stronger point of reference.

I finally received my full set of Aurora plush in. Next week I’ll be sure to give my full impressions of them (with freaking adorable photos!), but for the time being, it’s approaching 4 A.M. and my capacity to maintain consciousness is rapidly shrinking.

I’m off to go hang with Luna, Klonoa, and NiGHTS,

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