055 – Bovestrian Revolution: Part 6

By Geo "GX" Xenn on Jul. 7, 2014

Lactose Intolerance

So what happened here? Well, not here-here. Here, we discover Celestia’s unparalleled negotiating skills. It’s also worth mentioning that the next comic will be the final part of this story. It was a good one, a long one, and one I really enjoyed doing, but all good things must come to an end.

The big ol’ time gap between Part 5 and now… wow. To fit it all into one series of mostly verbs: Worked, let go, cleaned, packed, moved, unpacked, cleaned, visited family, helped sister move, will finish packing/unpacking within the week.

In contrast to the last comic notes, the only thing I love more than plugging things I enjoy is plugging my own stuff!


Tofu pawned off responsibility to make a logo for DerpyCon South this September in New Orleans. If you squint, you can probably notice the inspiration of the design. Frequent Horse Power artist Tofutiles will be there this year. He and con organizer Raborn will probably want to tell you to be sure to register and go to this exciting convention featuring guest artist Natalie Louis, but I’m just gonna flail my arms wildly in the air Kermit-the-Frog style and hope you make whatever decision feels right.

Though if they put that logo on a shirt, you should totally buy that shirt. And wear it. And tell people that the guy who made that logo has an awesome web comic they should read. Do it. (Hypothetically speaking.) (Do it.)

Meanwhile, over at SEGAbits, I have my first published editorial on why the oft-cited problems and responses to the Sonic series don’t hold water today, titled “False Positive: Sonic, the Media, and Wrongly Diagnosing the Problem.”

Hopefully by next comic, the dust will have settled and I can talk about the obscene amount of money I just gave Build-a-Bear in their decision to release AJ, Apple Bloom, Trixie, and Zecora *swoon* all at the same time. Thank Zeus I still have two more paychecks left.

Peace y’all,

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