Happy New Quotes!

By Evil Dr. Reef on Jan. 1, 2016
  • Joe Mack: If I was white, it’d be America.
  • Krysty: I kinda want to do this because I know who I am and I wanna know who other people are.
  • Whitney: He can talk for as long as he wants to talk.
    Marcus: Unfortunately.
  • Jim: I’m waiting for you to figure out how long it takes for you to realize that I’m full of shit.
  • Dac: I’ve seen his wiener.
    Super Dave: No you haven’t.
    Dac: How do you know?
    Super Dave: Because I…
    Dac: Because you haven’t?
  • Dac: Have you ever noticed that the more people that are in a room, the stupider Dave gets? What is that?
  • Jim: Now that Michael Jackson is dead, we all look like him.
  • {{Jim: Man, I love sinfully rich people.
    {{Jim: People rich enough to buy and sell entire continents. People rich enough to pay for a manned mission to Mars out of pocket and not even realize they were doing it. People rich enough to buy their way into heaven.
    {{Marcus: And then demand a refund when the liquor doesn’t come quick enough.
    {{Jim: Marcus, please. Jesus’s blood IS liquor. Well, wine. Hmm. Might not be strong enough.
    {{Marcus: Novelty sells as well.
  • Jim: As a Christian, fuck you.
  • Krysty: You have to live with her for the rest of your life.
    Marcus: That could be very short and very painful.
  • Jim: Well, Animal Crossing isn’t real life.
    Super Dave: What the fuck did you just say about Animal Crossing?
  • Super Dave: I don’t think I did any of my homework.
    Derek: I don’t think you did.
  • Dean: I murder ONE guy and suddenly that makes me a murderer.

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