Teams, Points, Titles & Achievements

Never Shut Up accounts allow you to earn points and achievements by participating on the site! Continue reading for a brief explanation:

Teams and Points

Teams reflect your favorite Never Shut Up series with specialty forum and comment skins. For example, posts from Team Spindash users will have violet-blue skins, while posts from Team Culture Love Chaos users will have green skins.

Titles are customizable descriptions you can attach to your forum and comment posts. They contain two parts, a descriptor and a noun. Combine them to identify yourself to other users. For example, combine “Amateur ___” and “Writer” to attach “Amateur Writer” to all your forum and comment posts!

Want to change your team or title? You can do so any time by selecting “Edit Profile.”

XP, Points, and Levels

You gain XP and Team Points by visiting every day, reading posts, and posting in the comments or forums.

Use XP and points to LEVEL UP and unlock new Title options for your profile!

(There are no Team Points for Team Never Shut Up.)

The Sidebar to the right lets you view your progress. The current level cap is 70, and the team level cap is 25.

Logging in:
10 XP once per day

Reading a page:
5 XP once per page (plus the writer gets 1 XP)

Posting a comment or on the forums:
10 XP per post, up to 100 XP per day

The site’s admin can also award additional points for special actions or events!


Find Achievements by performing certain actions on the site! Finding Achievements unlocks additional Title options.

Most Achievements are unlocked by using Codewords in comments/forum posts. For more information, please read this post. There are other ways to earn Achievements as well.

NOTE: At the moment, you are not able to view a list of Achievements you’ve earned, nor do Achievements have graphics. This is a feature that is still in development. However, you can still access Title options you’ve unlocked through Achievements.