The Site, Series, & Hosts

The Site

Never Shut Up Entertainment is a collective of podcasts, written articles, comics, and other media to push discussion of niche entertainment topics and bizarre humor. Managed by a team of passionate creators, Never Shut Up aims to bring you quality content all from one convenient hub.

The Hosts

Giovanni “GX” Xenn

Title: Site Founder, High Commander in Charge of Butterscotch
Lifelong Sonic fan, hat enthusiast, and only living person who can reference Perfect Hair Forever at will. Writes words that pretend horses say.

Jim “Evil Dr. Reef” Edreef

Title: Quotes Site Feudal Lord, Rear Admiral in Charge of This General Vicinity
Expert on Formula 1, Japanese mecha, and the dumb crap people say. Self-published author of a real book made of paper that you can buy.

Robin “Saberpilot” Claymore

Title: Culture, Love & Chaos Hyperbishop. First Lieutenant in Charge of the Second Lieutenant
Enjoyer of cute things, puncher of bad dudes, seeker of sick deals, and studier of gender studies. General knower of stuff.

The Series

The Spindash

Never Shut Up’s premiere podcast, The Spindash brings Sonic and Sega discussion to your audio player like no other. Covering Sonic news, cartoons, music, comics, and of course, games, our trio of hosts bring experience and an open-minded, moderate perspective to the Sonic series. Despite a few stumbles and sabbaticals, The Spindash remains your audio source for everything blue, rapid, and spiky!
The Spindash currently runs on no set schedule, but aims to release episodes once to twice a month.

Horse Power Comics

In coordination with, Horse Power Comics is a somewhat cynical, satirical, or outright bizarre look at the popular equine cartoon My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Written by NSU’s Geo Xenn and drawn by JetstreamX, Tofutiles, and GX himself, Horse Power takes an askew perspective to the show, the toy line, the comic series, and the ravenous fanbase that gave it the legs it has today.
Horse Power aims to release on Thursdays.

The Quotes Site

A project started in 2003, the Quotes Site is collection of bizarre conversations documented, without context, for your enjoyment. Resident quoter, Evil Dr. Reef, curates The Quotes Site, and recently compiled previous incarnations of The Quote Site into “The Quote Book: An Honest Portrayal of Useless People,” currently available in paperback on
The Quote Site aims to update once or twice a month.

Culture, Love & Chaos

Using her background in literary and gender issue studies, Saberpilot reviews and responds to anime, manga, games, and the like, with a distinct focus on characters and themes in relation to current social concerns and gender issues.