Why Beta?

Why Are You Launching In Beta?

A “beta” is an unfinished software or service, not expected to be the final launch product. Never Shut Up has opted to launch in a “beta” format, as the development process has proven more lengthy than anticipated, content producers are yearning to start posting content, and as an amateur developer, I don’t have the capacity to perform real bug testing. I will continue to work on the site as I am able, but until I feel like it is technically and operationally sound, I will still deem it a beta.

Known Issues:

  • Not all pages have proper style formatting.
  • User profiles are not properly formatted.
  • List of achievements is not finalized yet; however, a small subset are currently active
  • No viewable achievement list.
  • Most Achievement and Level Up notification graphics do not exist.
  • The Spindash Podcast original posts and episodes have not yet migrated to the new site.
  • Many “Social” links do not function yet.
  • Page sharing via social networks not yet implemented.
  • Header quotes/notifications not yet implemented.
  • Individual series/podcast RSS feeds not yet implemented.
  • Full Horse Power archive page not yet implemented.
  • “Next Posts”/”Previous Posts” not properly formatted.
  • Manual Achievement awarding/removal not yet implemented.
  • Manual user profile editing by Administrators automatically alters the user’s Title.

If you find any additional problems, bugs, or errors, please report them to help[at]nevershutup[dot]com, or on the Support Forum.