Quotes for Summer Fun Times

By Evil Dr. Reef on Jun. 5, 2016
  • {{GX: The DX stands for Deluxe.
    {{GX: Much like my user name stands for Geluxe.
  • Dean: It’s not my fault that the president’s name is Adolf Hussein Castro.
  • Dean: If you catch an Irish person when he’s drunk enough, he’ll grant you a wish.
    Derek: But he’ll regret it in the morning.
  • Jim: I don’t often think more than seven or eight words ahead of what I’m saying.
    Derek: Dean has that problem.
    Jim: Nah, he’s like two or three.
  • Derek: I want to put on Julius Caesar and cast Jim as Julius Caesar.
    Marcus: And cast yourself as the entire senate?
  • {{GX: but how you do you feel about “filthy sex?”
    {{Jim: Very warmly.
  • {{Jim: Well, I was assuming, which makes an ass out of me. But also you, so it works out.
    {{GX: Hey, I was an ass long before you started assuming.
  • Whitney: That’s cocaine.
    Jim: I know what cocaine is, Whitney. I only talk about it all the time.
  • {{GX: And as tonight has revealed.
    {{GX: I am a man already on the verge of breaking.
    {{GX: So I appreciate your free crack, but I’m still working my way through this meth.
  • {{GX: And also, how should I put this…
    {{Jim: Bluntly and without apology.
  • {{Jim: I wonder why that keeps happening.
    {{GX: Probably something you did to anger God.
    {{Jim: Oh god, that list is so huge D:

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