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By Geo "GX" Xenn on Feb. 9, 2014

Reef and I agree, I am insufferably nerdy; just count the words.

It’s past 3 A.M., so let’s preface this quickly: Don’t follow the metaphor too far. It falls apart if you put more than zero thought into it.

It’s not like Al hasn’t played himself before. Honestly, he’s had a pretty awesome career in TV and voiceover, lending his larynx to half a banana, a man made out of petroleum, a malfunctioning robot, a hero to all animals, a cranial squid, and… even if I wasn’t sleep deprived, I couldn’t possibly articulate a description of what he played on Tim & Eric Awesome Show.

But in spite of all that, this easily stands as my favorite Weird Al appearance; he sings, he acts goofy, he sings, he makes more than surface-level references to his own career, he sings, he plays accordion, and he sings! His character was so incredibly Weird Al that it was a little jarring when he made his final admission. I’m not upset or disappointed; this is my favorite episode of the season thus far, a season that, might I add, has at least three Discord episodes. It’s just weird to be drawn in with so many direct parallels, only to end by yanking you back to fiction.

And if you want to go even weirder, the Looney Tunes-esque comic relief character continues to have consistently excellent episodes that center around her.

Sorry for the delay over the last few weeks. Between the weather and work, finding time to art continues to be difficult. Once we hit #50, expect some consistency, at least for a solid two months. I’ve got something cool already planned out.

Now all we need is an episode featuring Andy Merrill, and my life will be complete.

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