056 – Bovestrian Revolution: Part 7

By Geo "GX" Xenn on Nov. 20, 2014

Cleaning the Dairy Air.

And thus closes the book on the most pointless uprising in Equestria’s history. Please don’t think that the Horse Power hiatus was my attempt to write an ending to this story; it was decided even before the first lines were sketched. I just love a good anticlimax.

Thanks to everyone who read and supported Horse Power as part of Emerald Coast Comics. We will continue to post at Emerald Coast, but Horse Power will also be available via my new multi-series super-site Never Shut Up Entertainment, alongside other series such as The Spindash Podcast, The Quotes Site, Culture Love & Chaos, as well as future features Oh the Humanity, a collection of Cards Against Humanity fan expansions, and Straw Hat Quarterly, a book-club-esque review of the One Piece anime. We’re still kind of in Beta, so many parts of the site will still be a bit rough around the edges.

So I’ve been out of the game for a while now for a variety of reasons. Part of it is a combination of moving, depression, the job hunt, family ordeals, and constructing a whole new website. I still pick up a pony figure or plush here or there, but ultimately, it’s been hard to maintain enthusiasm for the show during these off months. Word on the street is that Rainbow Rocks was decent, but my reception to the first was so incredibly lukewarm, it’s really hard for me to care. I’ve almost completely abandoned by previous regiment of at least watching and silently judging the other online comics posted on Equestria Daily.

I’m not of the mindset that I’m “getting out of ponies” as has been floating around. My tastes aren’t that fickle that I would suddenly drop complete interest in something, and I still maintain that Friendship is Magic is among the most culturally significant pieces of animation this decade.

But ultimately what I think it comes down to is that Friendship is Magic doesn’t occupy the same place in my life as it used to. Friendship is Magic hit me at a time in my life when I felt at my lowest, and I followed it through as I was able to build myself up again. However, I have again hit a rough patch, and fresh, upbeat whimsical show that builds an engaging mythos that grabs my attention time and time again has been Steven Universe (hence how many times I reference it in these notes and around the site.) Beyond that, Gravity Falls is delivering some of its best episodes of the series, Turtles has hit the big turning point in its story, and there’s a new Sonic cartoon on TV again, and Funimation has begun releasing the next One Piece season. It’s harder to maintain focus on one show when so many other factors have been pulling me in all other directions.

I haven’t really stopped writing comics. Just forming them into paneled strips that contain both words and art. I’ve come up with a number of ideas during the brief hiatus, but you may see a slight shift in what I’m doing with the comic. When I have fodder, I will put out comics featuring the pony characters, but I’ve started to become more interested in building up Horse Power’s own characters, GX, Reef, Grayson, and the like. The whole context is still based around being a fan of the show, but for the types of jokes I want to tell through upcoming strips, it’s simply easier to take a step back from the colorful horse realm.

I’m sure I’ll be able to explain it better next week, but until then, peace out, and take care.


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