054 – Bovestrian Revolution: Part 5

By Geo "GX" Xenn on Jun. 7, 2014

Head of the cattle.

Oh, Celestia. You sure are a cheeky little monarch. She’s right though, you gots ta bring your A-Game if you want the throne. Kind of hard to lead an insurrection when your foe wields a 850,000 mile-wide ball of hydrogen plasma in the midst of nuclear fusion.

It’s the last week of school, I’m incredibly tired, and I need to begin packing to move back to Pennsylvania later this month; so for as much as I’d love to unload another helping of bile upon your souls, I think I’m going to take a different route (plus it’s E3 next week, and I don’t feel like dealing with ponies). Instead, I shall do the one thing I love more than complaining, pontificating about things I love with a passion and want others to enjoy as well! So here’s a series of short descriptors of things that you should go out and partake in right now:

Frankly, I’m really hard to impress when it comes to fan art. Now, if you give me something and establish that you are using it functionally to accomplish _____, then I’m way more receptive, but if you’re sending me fan art for fan art’s sake, chances are I’ll be detached to the point of jerk-ness (Jet can attest to this). THAT SAID, when I’m sent something and tell you almost instantaneously that I want it and then make it my wallpaper, you know it’s good. That just happened in my own back yard with something Tofu made:

54tofuluna.jpg alt=

You can get this totally awesome print from Tofu himself over at DerpyCon South this September in New Orleans! Be there or be square or be some other sort of polygon that isn’t there, nor owns a sweet Luna print.

It’s practically E3 time, the Nintendo side of me wishes to introduce you to the best Nintendo podcast, Radio Free Nintendo. If you’re looking for blind optimism and a sense that everything involving the company is a magical happy world of perfection, this is not for you. This is a more realist and unforgiving look at Nintendo design and business by four experienced games media writers who know and care about Nintendo. Recent episode highlights include contemplating the Wara Wara Plaza, an hour of E3 predictions, and THE GREATEST (IF NOT ONLY) ATTEMPT TO EXPLAIN WHAT LEGEND OF THE RIVER KING IS. (Warning: Contains Explicit Audio)

Mario Kart 8 is great. It’s not wildly different than any of the previous, but it’s WAY more polished, the track themes and layouts are more interesting, and the overall pace just feels more demanding in a fairer way than on, say, Wii or 3DS. (Though Nintendo, quit screwing up the battle mode; I don’t care, sell me DLC of the N64 or Gamecube or SNES arenas. Just give me something playable!) The game won’t change your mind if you’re just completely tired of the formula, but if you want the same formula more refined, this game has you covered. Hit me up for a few online rounds if you’d like; my Nintendo name is “gxechidna.” Just let me know in the comments if you’re adding me so I can reciprocate.

I’ve not exactly used subtlety when I’ve recommended Steven Universe thus far, but just to make it entirely clear, YOU SHOULD BE WATCHING STEVEN UNIVERSE. It is a fantastic show about a quirky young boy in a very weird home-and-family situation, as he learns to become a magical girl. It has a gorgeous soundtrack, a beautiful and distinct style, and dear God, the show just runs on pure, unadulterated charm. Adventure Time didn’t even reach that point until, like the second or third season. I can’t describe how excited I am to see where they eventually take the series.

Ever since Fullmetal Alchemist, Funimation has pretty much established itself as the still-surviving god-king of anime dubbing (Space Dandy returns in July, people!), but what they’ve done with One Piece has been nothing short of fantastic. I know there are those who firmly believe that watching anime with subtitles is the way to preserve the original intent of the creators, but unless you’re fluent with the nuances of spoken Japanese, that sentiment is pretty much B.S. since you’re incapable of being receptive to that intent. I love One Piece because it is simultaneously incredibly shonen AND flirting with straight up parody (along with the brutally charming characters that are more nuanced than their archetypes suggest, silly running gags, and bizarre plots). To maintain even the slightest bit of the zany tone in a series like One Piece while keeping every bit of bombastic dialog that still feels at least half-natural (for a cartoon), you really have to be a master of your craft.

Well, that was pretty cathartic. I might try that again sometime. Maybe not too often; I have an image to maintain, you know.

Peace out, y’all.

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